Change of offices for the FAP Department

The FAP Department would like to inform personnel that, due to office renovation work, a number of FAP services currently located on the third floor of building 4 and on the first floor of building 33 will move to temporary offices in building 653 as from late June.


The following services will be relocated to:

  • Accounting services (J. Robinson):
    • FAP-ACC-AP – Accounts Payable, to bldg 653-R-008 – C. Marme
    • FAP-ACC-GA – General Accounting, to bldg 653-1-007 – C. Poncet
    • FAP-ACC-PA – Salary Office, to bldg 653-R-011 – S. Baudat
    • FAP-ACC-PA – Claims, to bldg 653-R-007 – S. Baudat
  • And the section FAP-TPR-MI - Monitoring and reporting (L. Lockwood) will be located in the office 653-1-016.

The removals will take place from Thursday 30 June until Tuesday 5 July 2016 inclusive and during this period, telephone and e-mail contact may be disrupted.

Temporary office numbers will be available in the CERN phonebook.

Thank you for your understanding.


by FAP Department