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Linac4 crosses the 100 MeV threshold

The new linear accelerator, which from 2020 will be the first link in the accelerator chain, has entered a new stage of its commissioning. >>

Strengthening CERN and particle physics in a changing global environment

As we welcome Romania as our 22nd Member State in late July, now is a good time to reflect on the geographical enlargement process that was initiated in 2010. >>

LHC Report: astounding availability

The LHC is off to an excellent start in 2016, having already produced triple the luminosity of 2015. An important factor in the impressive performance so far this year is the unprecedented machine availability. >>

LHCb unveils new particles

The LHCb collaboration announces the observation of four “exotic” particles from its analysis of the LHC data. >>

A campus-wide Wi-Fi service for CERN

Improvements are coming to CERN’s Wi-Fi service as connectivity is improved in offices, restaurants and meeting rooms. >>

Maximum atmosphere at the Mini Atomiades

CERN Clubs Coordination Committee and CERN Staff Association host the ASCERI Mini Atomiades June 2016. >>

Higgs Boson Pizza Day

CERN celebrated the fourth anniversary of the historical Higgs boson announcement with special pizzas.  >>

Computer Security: you’re a summer student? Some tips to get you started

Welcome to CERN. For the next couple of weeks, you will be able to breathe in the free academic world of CERN. You will have the chance to learn thanks to in-depth lectures, enjoy the freedom of exploring your preferred or assigned research topic, and form your own network of peers during your evening hours. However, “academic freedom” does not imply that there are no boundaries. At CERN, academic freedom also comes with responsibility. Below are some hints on how best to assume that responsibility securely. >>

Pablo Rodríguez Pérez (1976 - 2016)

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden loss of Pablo Rodríguez Pérez, a physicist on the LHCb Experiment, who died in Manchester on 1st July 2016. >>

Security affects us all!

In the hope of minimising the number of thefts of the Organization’s property, which can lead to months of work going to waste on certain projects, you are reminded of the importance that CERN attaches to the rules concerning the protection of equipment for which we are responsible. If you see any unusual behaviour or if you are the victim of a theft, don’t hesitate to report it by submitting a ticket through the CERN Portal or calling the CSA. Security affects us all! >>

Change of mobile network coverage in France from 29 August

The change of mobile network coverage on the French part of the CERN site will take effect on 29 August and not on 11 July as previously announced.  >>

Telephony user survey

Let us know your needs to better plan the transition to a new CERN telephony system. >>

Official News

Security affects us all!  
Change of mobile network coverage in France from 29 August  
Change to CERN Safety Rules: Abolition of Safety Code A7  
Change to mobile telephony coverage and billing in France  

Training and Development

Safety Training: "Manual Handling" course in September  


Telephony user survey  
New shuttle stop in front of the Safety Training Centre  
COLLIDE Pro Helvetia Award  
Logistics Services Reminder  
CERN restaurants: opening hours during summer  
Change of offices for the FAP Department  
10% discount at Novae restaurants for students  
Roadworks around the "Les Cèdres" car park  
The CERN Accelerator School  


Blood donation | 19-20 July | Restaurant 2  
Hardronic Festival | 23 July | Restaurant 3  
This summer, go behind-the-scenes of CERN in photos in the Microcosm  
Cryogenic Safety HSE Seminar | 21 - 23 September 2016  

Staff Association

Upcoming change at the head of the Staff Association  
Let’s focus on our Nursery school!  
Yoga club  
Cine club  
Petanque club