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CERN Summer Student Webfest: a weekend for science and creativity | 29 - 31 July 2016   >>

‘Lightning talks’ from the CERN openlab summer students | 15 and 18 August 2016   >>

This summer, go behind-the-scenes of CERN in photos in the Microcosm

Find out the best photos of the 2015 CERN Photowalk competition in the Microcosm. >>

Cryogenic Safety HSE Seminar | 21 - 23 September 2016

With the LHC being the world’s largest superconducting installation, it’s not surprising that CERN is a world leader in cryogenic safety. >>

News Articles

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LHC Report: imaginative injectors  
Voices of Romanian scientists  
Fighting fires... with science  
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The hundredth Gentner Doctoral Student has started at CERN  
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Bike2Work 2016 is over – keep on pedalling!  
Spaceflight participant visits CERN!  
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Ombud’s Corner: due credit!  

Official News

Don’t leave your baggage unattended  
Procedure for obtaining visas for Switzerland and France - Signature rights  
Administrative Circular No. 11 (Rev. 4) - Categories of members of the personnel  
Security affects us all!  
Change of mobile network coverage in France from 29 August  
Change to mobile telephony coverage and billing in France  

Training and Development

Safety Training: "Habilitation électrique - Non-Electrician - Initial" course in September  
Safety Training: "Manual Handling" course in September  


New AIDA-2020 call for breakthrough detector technologies  
CERN announces the fourth annual Beamline for Schools competition  
New shuttle stop in front of the Safety Training Centre  
Logistics Services Reminder  
CERN restaurants: opening hours during summer  
Roadworks around the "Les Cèdres" car park  
Telephony user survey  

Staff Association

CERN, an Invaluable Asset for Humanity – Interview with the Director-General, Fabiola Gianotti  
Collection for Ecuador  
Offers for our members  
Cine club