Siegmund Brandt (1936 – 2016)

With deep sorrow, I must announce that our colleague Siegmund Brandt passed away on Sunday last week after a long struggle with illness.


(Photo by Dr. Sven Faller/University of Siegen)

Brandt first worked at CERN in 1961 on pion-proton interactions using bubble chambers and earned his PhD in bubble chamber work from the University of Bonn in 1963.

Later, he joined DESY working on PLUTO and TASSO at PETRA where he contributed to the three-jet analysis that led to the discovery of gluons in 1979. After that, in the mid-eighties, he returned to CERN, where he worked on ALEPH. His group contributed to the forward detectors of ALEPH with the Small Angle Tracker (SATR) and the Small Angle Monitor for Background (SAMBA). Brandt did some analysis work on Bhabha scattering and on jet production. After his retirement, he concentrated on writing books on physics. His last book, The Harvest of the Century was well received. Brandt was also elected to the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. His friends and colleagues will dearly miss him.

Claus Grupen (for the Siegen ALEPH group)

A tribute to Siegmund Brandt will be published in an upcoming issue of the CERN Courier.