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KT seminar on entrepreneurship | "From CERN engineer to company founder: my journey" by Julio Lucas | 26 September

Europe needs its economy to be boosted by the ideas of its most talented scientists and engineers. One of the best ways in which these ideas may contribute to society is by creating a new business. In this Knowledge Transfer seminar, Julio Lucas, Technical Director and co-founder of Elytt Energy and former CERN engineer gives a personal view on how to make your first steps in entrepreneurship. >>

CERN Library | Carlos Chimal presents his book "El Universo en un puñado de átomos" | 26 September

"El Universo en un puñado de átomos", by Carlos Chimal. >>

European Researchers’ Night: Activities at CERN for All Audiences | 30 September

On Friday 30 September, CERN will be among the scientific organisations and institutes of over 300 towns and cities in Europe taking part in the European Researchers’ Night. >>

“France@CERN” 2016 | 3-4 October

Come and meet 37 French companies at the 2016’s edition of “France@CERN”, that will take place on October 3 and 4. >>

Diversity Programme | Tasneem Zahra Husain presents her book “Only the Longest Threads” | 4 October

“Only the Longest Threads”, by Tasneem Zahra Husain. >>

Science Writing Workshop | 5 October | 09:00 – 15:00

... >>

Workshop on Promoting Particle Physics Worldwide | Friday 7 October 09:00 – 14:00

... >>

CMS Create #2 | 3-4 October | Register now!

CMS Create brings together CERN members and students from IPAC Design Genève (see here). The goal is to build a prototype exhibit illustrating what CMS does and how it does it. The exhibit will introduce the world of a particle physics detector to the general public, and to younger visitors in particular.  >>

UNIGE in space... hunting astroparticles

Switzerland has a long history of involvement in cosmic-ray physics and space research projects: some of the most notable examples are its pioneering research since the beginning of the 20th century; its co-founding of major European space organisations; its provision of state-of-the-art scientific equipment to major international space agencies and the missions of a Swiss astronaut in the 1990s. >>

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Official News

SAFETY ALERT - Failure of brass non-return valves in gas point installations  
Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund | 26 October  
Elections to the Senior Staff Advisory Committee (“The Nine”) 2016  

Training and Development

Safety Training: "Habilitation électrique - Electrician Low Voltage - Initial" course in October  
Upcoming training sessions (up to end October) - Places available  


Modifications sur l'autoroute A1 - secteur Genève Aéroport  
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New location of the Learning and Development group  
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Staff Association

Children’s Day-Care Centre (EVE) and School kicked off the school year 2016-2017  
Nicolas Delruelle  
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