Children’s Day-Care Centre (EVE) and School kicked off the school year 2016-2017

It has been 54 years already, ever since the Nursery school was founded in March 1961, that the Staff Association together with the teachers, the managerial and the administrative staff, welcomes your children at the start of the school year.

On Tuesday, 30 August 2016, the Children’s Day-Care Centre (EVE) and School opened its doors again for children between four months and six years old.

The start of the school year was carried out gradually and in small groups to allow quality interaction between children, professionals and parents.

This year, our structure will accommodate about 130 children divided between the nursery, the kindergarten and the school. Throughout the school year, the children will work on the theme of colours, which will be the common thread linking all our activities.

Our team is comprised of 38 people: the headmistress, the deputy headmistress, 2 secretaries, 13 educators, 4 teachers, 11 teaching assistants, 2 nursery assistants and 4 canteen workers.

The team is delighted to once again welcome all the children entrusted in their care and will keep you informed of their colourful activities throughout the year.

by Staff Association