Long-Term Collection

Dear Colleagues,

As previously announced in Echo (No. 254), your delegates took action to draw attention to the projects of the Long-Term Collections (LTC), the humanitarian body of the CERN Staff Association.

On Tuesday, 11 October, at noon, small Z-Cards were widely distributed at the entrances of CERN restaurants and we thank you all for your interest. We hope to have achieved an important part of our goal, which was to inform you, convince you and find new supporters among you. We will find out in the next few days! An exhibition of the LTC was also set up in the Main Building for the entire week.

The Staff Association wants to celebrate the occasion of the Long-Term Collection’s 45th anniversary at CERN because, ever since 1971, CERN personnel have showed great support in helping the least fortunate people on the planet in a variety of ways according to their needs.

On a regular basis, joint fundraising appeals are made with the Directorate to help the victims of natural disasters around the world. This is a way to take part in the global movement of solidarity in the aftermath of devastating disasters (tsunamis, earthquakes, floods) but this action has no direct link to the projects of the LTC. Still, we thank you all for contributing regularly to these collections too!

However, there is another way you can help in the long term those less fortunate. Remember that depending on whether you come from the South or the North, your life will be different. That is why, for 45 years already, every six months with the help of regular donations, the Staff Association Long-Term Collections have made small miracles happen for disadvantaged people in their local area. Please consult our page to see for yourself: http://cern.ch/staffassoc/CLT/! 74 projects over the past 45 years, 9 of which are still ongoing. Join the LTC!

We want to sincerely thank all of our loyal contributors. Without your support, this would not have been possible. Still, we at the Association want to believe that new and young CERN employees are just as concerned about these inequalities as the founders of the LTC and those working for the cause today. It’s time for us all to take action.

Contact us at clt.association@cern.ch
and join the LTC family as a regular contributor!

by Staff Association