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The CAPA, or the Individual Cases Commission (Commission des Cas Particuliers), is responsible for assisting members of the Staff Association in their disputes with the Organization. >>

Long-Term Collection

Dear Colleagues, >>

Collection for Italy

Following the earthquake of 24 August in central Italy, many of you have expressed your solidarity. >>


Join the Staff Association now for 2017, the remaining quarter of 2016 is free! >>

Cine club

Wednesday 19 October 2016 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber Yesterday   Directed by Ivan Andonov Bulgaria, 1988, 84 minutes Back into the 60s. >>


Le GAC organise chaque mois des permanences avec entretiens individuels. >>


... >>

Official News

SAFETY ALERT - Failure of brass non-return valves in gas point installations  
Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund | 26 October  

Training and Development

Upcoming training sessions (up to end October) - Places available  


Bike to work safely (follow-up)  
CERN Accelerator School - Beam injection, extraction and transfer  
Working safely with electronics racks  
IT User Community Survey  
Modifications sur l'autoroute A1 - secteur Genève Aéroport  
Network migration for printers  
Register now for ISOTDAQ 2017  
New location of the Learning and Development group  
New AIDA-2020 call for breakthrough detector technologies  



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