Resumption of CERN Club activities

Some of you may have followed the presentation by the Director General and Management on Tuesday 5 May, in which it was stressed that the return of people to the CERN sites will be gradual, with activity returning to normal not before September (with the introduction of anti-covid 19 measures, such as limited number of people in meetings, social distancing and wearing of masks, etc.) if the health situation on the CERN site and in the Host States permits.

Concerning CERN Club activities, ALL activities, whether on or off the CERN site, remain suspended (with the exception of virtual club activities), please refer to the link.

 As it is more or less impossible to predict how the situation will evolve, you will understand that we cannot give you a precise date when club activities will be able to resume and we thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

It is highly likely that the CERN Clubs Coordinating Committee (CCC), the Staff Association and CERN Management will review the current situation in June. In addition, any decision to resume club activities will be jointly decided by the same entities.

Once again, thank you very much for your patience and kind understanding in these turbulent times;

CCC and Staff Association

by Staff Association