MOMERIT, a SCC Working Group at the service of the promotion policy for CERN's staff

The WG MOMERIT (MERIT follow-up working group) was created in early 2020, at the request of the Staff Association, following discussions in October and November 2019 at the SCC. Its objective is to enable a multi-year analysis of trends in the distribution of the promotion and advancement budget since the introduction of the MERIT system.

As a reminder, the new promotion and advancement system was deployed from 2016 following the conclusion of the 2015 five-year review of financial and social conditions for staff members. It thus replaced the Merit Advancement Recognition System (MARS) which had been in force since 2006. Immediately after the introduction of MARS, a SCC subgroup called MOMARS was set up to monitor the development of this advancement system. The aim of this sub-group was to produce statistics to verify the proper use of the budget and the way in which it was distributed to all CERN staff.

The experience acquired with MOMARS could certainly be reused in the execution of the mandate entrusted to this new working group.

Indeed, WG-MOMERIT is inspired by the same approach, statistics covering four years will be produced and will allow:

  • A better understanding of the evolution of the attribution of advancement through grades and the new career structure; and
  • An observation of trends to ensure that biases do not develop over the years to the detriment of certain categories of staff or for specific situations. We are committed to a fair and equitable application of the established rules for all CERN staff.

The statistics and graphs produced will be completely anonymous. The results produced will be presented and discussed at the SCC in October 2020.

The WG-MOMERIT is a joint working group composed of a total of six people who report directly to the SCC. The three staff delegates representing the Association are Martin Gastal, Michael Ludwig and Joel Lahaye.

It will certainly also be interesting to relate the results obtained to the results of the staff survey that was carried out in 2019, which revealed a certain dissatisfaction among staff with the new career structure and the new promotion system.

by Staff Association