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Staff Association PUBLIC MEETING - Part lll

Q11) Why is CERN’s advancement slower than in other IOs? Why starting salaries at CERN are in general lower than in comparator employers in CH? Why isn’t anything done about this ?  >>

It’s Back to school time!

A new educational year is starting at Le Jardin des Particules.Le Jardin des Particules is a pre-school and school structure. >>

The CERN rugby club is recruiting new players

Looking for new challenges? The CERN rugby club is recruiting new players, beginners or experienced in each category: >>

Stay tuned the FITNESS CLUB will launch special offers in September !

For most people, taking part in sport improves general health and wellbeing. From the CERN Fitness Club we propose some motivating and fun activities to help you to achieve your best physical and mental shape!!  >>