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CERN Accelerating science


CERN Departments

Περιορισμός με συλλογή:
Research & Computing Sector (127,742)
Physics (PH) (28,507)
Theoretical Physics (TH) (14,327)
Information Technology (IT) (72,115)
Accelerators & Technology Sector (23,113)
Beams Department (BE) (1,507)
Engineering Department (EN) (635)
Technology Department (TE) (197)
Directorate Services Unit (DSU) (26,702)
International Relations (86,794)
Finance and Procurement (FP) (10,387)
Human Resources (HR) (1,387)
Finance and Administrative Processes (FAP) (59) [περιορισμένο]
Επικέντρωση σε:
Former Departments (14,644)