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A Novel Timing Trigger with the CMS Hadron Calorimeter / Kopp, Gillian Baron (Princeton U.) ; Tully, Christopher (Princeton U.) ; Kennedy, Kiley Elizabeth (Princeton U.) ; Chung, Wonyong Paul (Princeton U.) ; Hoienko, Svitlana (Princeton U.) ; Mans, Jeremiah Michael (Minnesota U.) ; Krohn, Michael David (Minnesota U.) ; Crossman, Bryan James (Minnesota U.) ; Hiltbrand, Joshua (Baylor U.) ; Skuja, Andris (Maryland U.) et al.
A low-level hardware timing trigger using the Hadron Calorimeter (HCAL) in the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at CERN is designed and deployed for Run 3 of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), with data taking beginning in 2022. The new Level-1 trigger relies on the Phase~1 upgrade of the HCAL, which provides greater segmentation granularity and an increased number of readout channels, and enables timing information to be used in the hardware trigger system. [...]
CMS-DN-2023-022; CERN-CMS-DN-2023-022.- Geneva : CERN, 2023 - 34 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Layout and Assembly Technique of the GEM Chambers for the Upgrade of the CMS First Muon Endcap Station / Shah, Aashaq (Delhi U.) ; Andrey Marino ; Sharma, Archana (CERN) ; Kumar, Ashok (Delhi U.) ; Dorney, Brian L (Brussels U.) ; Merlin, Jeremie Alexandre (CERN) ; Luigi Bensusi ; Hohlmann, Marcus (Florida Inst. Tech.) ; Naimuddin, Md (Delhi U.) ; Tytgat, Michael (Gent U.) et al.
Triple-GEM detector technology was recently selected by CMS for a part of the upgrade of its forward muon detector system as GEM detectors provide a stable operation in the high radiation environment expected during the future High-Luminosity phase of the Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC). In a first step, GEM chambers (detectors) will be installed in the innermost muon endcap station in the 1.6 $\textless$ \textbar $\eta$ \textbar $\textless$ 2.2 pseudo-rapidity region, mainly to control level-1 muon trigger rates after the second LHC Long Shutdown. [...]
CMS-DN-2015-020; CERN-CMS-DN-2015-020.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 - 23 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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