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SPS MD5044: machine stability characterisation of Gamma Factory SPS Proof-of-Principle Experiment / Ramjiawan, Rebecca Louise (CERN) ; Bartosik, Hannes (CERN) ; Dutheil, Yann (CERN) ; Hofle, Wolfgang (CERN) ; Krasny, Mieczyslaw Witold (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)) ; Martens, Aurelien (Université Paris-Saclay (FR)) ; Papaphilippou, Yannis (CERN) ; Petrenko, Alexey ; Velotti, Francesco Maria (CERN)
The Gamma Factory (GF) initiative proposes an innovative method of producing high-energy, high-intensity photon beams via the laser-excitation and subsequent decay of relativistic partially stripped ions stored in the CERN LHC. [...]
CERN-ACC-NOTE-2022-0014 ; CERN-PBC-Notes-2022-006.
- 2022. - 16 p.
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Integration Studies and Beam Physics for the Project of the NA60+ Heavy-Ion Experiment at CERN / Gerbershagen, Alexander (CERN) ; Ahdida, Claudia (CERN) ; Bernhard, Johannes (CERN) ; Clerc, Vincent (CERN) ; Girod, Sylvain (CERN) ; Scomparin, Enrico (Universita e INFN Torino (IT)) ; Usai, Gianluca (Universita e INFN, Cagliari (IT)) ; Vincke, Helmut (CERN)
NA60+ is a fixed target experiment proposed in the framework of the Physics Beyond Colliders programme at CERN. It aims to precisely measure the hard and electromagnetic probes in nuclear collisions. [...]
CERN-PBC-Notes-2022-005.- Geneva : CERN, 2022 - 18. Fulltext: PDF;

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RF-Separated Beam Project for the M2 Beam Line at CERN / Gerbershagen, Alexander (CERN) ; Andrieux, Vincent (Univ. Illinois at Urbana Champaign (US)) ; Bernhard, Johannes (CERN) ; Brugger, Markus (CERN) ; Denisov, Oleg (Universita e INFN Torino (IT)) ; Friedrich, Jan (Technische Universitaet Muenchen (DE)) ; Gatignon, Lau (Lancaster University (GB)) ; Gerigk, Frank (CERN) ; Guskov, Alexey (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (RU)) ; Ketzer, Bernhard (University of Bonn (DE)) et al.
Within the framework of the Physics Beyond Colliders initiative at CERN, discussions are underway on the feasibility of producing radio-frequency (RF) separated beams for Phase-2 of the AMBER experiment at the M2 beam line in the North experimental area of the CERN SPS. The technique of RF separation is applied to enrich the content of a certain particle type within a beam consisting of different species at the same momentum [...]
CERN-PBC-Notes-2022-004.- Geneva : CERN, 2022 - 22. Fulltext: PDF;

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Updated RP studies for the AION100 experiment at LHC Point 4: evaluation of different shielding options / Elie, Lucie (CERN) ; Infantino, Angelo (CERN) ; Vincke, Heinz (CERN)
This note summarizes the Radiation Protection studies conducted in the context of the AION-100 experiment at CERN. AION100 is a proposal for an experiment to be possibly installed in the LHC Point 4 PX46 shaft [...]
CERN-PBC-Notes-2022-003.- Geneva : CERN, 2022 Fulltext: PDF;

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Study of alternative locations for the SPS Beam Dump Facility / Aberle, Oliver (CERN) ; Ahdida, Claudia (CERN) ; Arrutia Sota, Pablo Andreas (University of Oxford (GB)) ; Balazs, Kincso (CERN) ; Bernhard, Johannes (CERN) ; Brugger, Markus (CERN) ; Calviani, Marco (CERN) ; Dutheil, Yann (CERN) ; Franqueira Ximenes, Rui (CERN) ; Fraser, Matthew Alexander (CERN) et al.
As part of the main focus of the BDF Working Group in 2021, this document reports on the study of alternative locations and possible optimisation that may accompany the reuse of existing facilities with the aim of significantly reducing the costs of the facility. [...]
CERN-ACC-NOTE-2022-0009 ; CERN-PBC-Notes-2022-002.
- 28 Feb 2022.
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The Forward Physics Facility at the High-Luminosity LHC / Feng, Jonathan L. (UC, Irvine) ; Kling, Felix (DESY) ; Reno, Mary Hall (Iowa U.) ; Rojo, Juan (NIKHEF, Amsterdam ; Vrije U., Amsterdam) ; Soldin, Dennis (Delaware U.) ; Anchordoqui, Luis A. (Lehman Coll.) ; Boyd, Jamie (CERN) ; Ismail, Ahmed (Oklahoma State U.) ; Harland-Lang, Lucian (Oxford U. ; Oxford U., Theor. Phys.) ; Kelly, Kevin J. (CERN) et al.
High energy collisions at the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (LHC) produce a large number of particles along the beam collision axis, outside of the acceptance of existing LHC experiments [...]
arXiv:2203.05090 ; UCI-TR-2022-01 ; CERN-PBC-Notes-2022-001 ; INT-PUB-22-006 ; BONN-TH-2022-04 ; FERMILAB-PUB-22-094-ND-SCD-T.
- 2022. - 429 p.
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The Forward Physics Facility: Sites, experiments, and physics potential / Anchordoqui, Luis A. (Lehman Coll.) ; Ariga, Akitaka (Bern U., LHEP ; Chiba U.) ; Ariga, Tomoko (Kyushu U., Fukuoka (main)) ; Bai, Weidong (Zhongshan U.) ; Balazs, Kincso (CERN) ; Batell, Brian (Pittsburgh U.) ; Boyd, Jamie (CERN) ; Bramante, Joseph (Queen's U., Kingston) ; Campanelli, Mario (University Coll. London) ; Carmona, Adrian (CAFPE, Granada) et al.
The Forward Physics Facility (FPF) is a proposal to create a cavern with the space and infrastructure to support a suite of far-forward experiments at the Large Hadron Collider during the High Luminosity era. Located along the beam collision axis and shielded from the interaction point by at least 100 m of concrete and rock, the FPF will house experiments that will detect particles outside the acceptance of all existing LHC experiments and will observe rare and exotic processes in an extremely low-background environment. [...]
arXiv:2109.10905; BNL-222142-2021-FORE; CERN-PBC-Notes-2021-025; DESY-21-142; DESY-21-142, FERMILAB-CONF-21-452-AE-E-ND-PPD-T; KYUSHU-RCAPP-2021-01; LU TP 21-36, PITT-PACC-2118; SMU-HEP-21-10; UCI-TR-2021-22; FERMILAB-CONF-21-452-AE-E-ND-PPD-T.- Geneva : CERN, 2022-07-19 - 74 p. - Published in : Phys. Rep. 968 (2022) 1-50 Fulltext: CERN-PBC-Notes-2021-025 - PDF; 2109.10905 - PDF; Publication - PDF; fermilab-conf-21-452-ae-e-nd-ppd-t - PDF; Fulltext from Publisher: PDF; External link: Fermilab Library Server

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Considerations for a RF separated K+ beam for NA62 / Appleby, Robert Barrie (University of Manchester (GB)) ; Bernhard, Johannes (CERN) ; Dainton, John Bourke (Lancaster University (GB)) ; Burt, Graeme Campbell (Lancaster University (GB)) ; Gatignon, Lau (Lancaster University (GB)) ; Goudzovski, Evgueni (University of Birmingham (GB)) ; Jones, Rhodri (CERN) ; Lazzeroni, Cristina (University of Birmingham (GB)) ; Romano, Angela (University of Birmingham (GB)) ; Giuseppe, Ruggiero (Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia) et al.
In this document we assess the potential of RF separation to increase the kaon content of the high-intensity secondary beam to the NA62 experiment in the CERN North Area. The present mixed beam provides a nominal kaon flux of 45 MHz out of a total beam intensity of about 750 MHz. [...]
CERN-PBC-Notes-2021-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2021 - 38. Fulltext: PDF;

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FLUKA and ActiWiz benchmark on BDF materials / Juste, Vincent ; Casolino, Mirkoantonio (The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) (ES)) ; Ahdida, Claudia Christina (CERN) ; Vincke, Helmut (CERN)
This note describes the FLUKA and Actiwiz benchmark with gamma spectroscopy results of various material samples, which were irradiated during the Beam Dump Facility (BDF) prototype target test in the North Area of the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) at CERN. [...]
CERN-STUDENTS-Note-2019-028 ; CERN-PBC-Notes-2021-006.
- 2018.
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Physics opportunities for a fixed-target programme in the ALICE experiment / Galluccio, Francesca (Universita e sezione INFN di Napoli (IT)) ; Hadjidakis, Cynthia (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)) ; Kurepin, Alexander (Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow) ; Massacrier, Laure (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)) ; Porteboeuf, S (Centre national de la recherche scientifique (FR)) ; Pressard, Kevin (Centre national de la recherche scientifique (FR)) ; Scandale, Walter (CERN) ; Topilskaya, Natalia (Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow) ; Trzeciak, Barbara (Utrecht University) ; Uras, Antonio (Centre national de la recherche scientifique (FR)) et al.
A fixed-target programme in the ALICE experiment using the LHC proton and lead beams offers many physics opportunities related to the parton content of the nucleon and nucleus at high-$x$, the nucleon spin and the Quark-Gluon Plasma. We investigate two solutions that would allow ALICE to run in a fixed-target mode: the internal solid target coupled to a bent crystal and the internal gas target. [...]
CERN-PBC-Notes-2019-004.- Geneva : CERN, 2019 - Published in : link to original file in ESPP strategy update PDF document submitted to ESPP strategy update: PDF;

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