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Considerations on operation schedule and maintenance aspects of FCC-hh / Niemi, Arto (CERN) ; Apollonio, Andrea (CERN) ; Foraz, Katy (CERN)
The Future Circular Hadron Collider (FCC-hh) has ambitious goals for integrated luminosity production. Reaching these goals requires reducing the time for planned technical stops and commissioning, compared to the LHC. [...]
CERN-ACC-2018-0013.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 Fulltext: PDF;

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FUTURE CIRCULAR COLLIDER LOGISTICS STUDY / Beißert, Ulrike (IML) ; Horstmann, Konstantin (IML) ; Kuhlmann, Gerd (IML) ; Nettsträter, Andreas (IML) ; Prasse, Christian (IML) ; Wohlfahrt, Andreas (IML)
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN in Geneva is the largest and most powerful collider in the world. CERN and its research and experimental infrastructure is not only a focus for the science community but is also very much in the public eye [...]
CERN-ACC-2018-0012.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 Access to fulltext document: DOCX;

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First Observation of the Seeded Proton Bunch Self-Modulation in Plasma / Turner, Marlene
In this thesis I observe experimentally and study in simulations the seeded selfmodulation of a relativistic proton bunch in AWAKE, the Advanced Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment [...]
CERN-THESIS-2017-344 - 128 p.

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GPU-Powered Modelling of Nonlinear Effects due to Head-On Beam-Beam Interactions in High-Energy Hadron Colliders. / Furuseth, Sondre (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (CH))
The performance of high-energy circular hadron colliders, as the Large Hadron Collider, is limited by beam-beam interactions. The strongly nonlinear force between the two opposing beams causes diverging Hamiltonians and resonances, which can lead to a reduction of the lifetime of the beams. [...]
CERN-ACC-2018-0008.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 Fulltext: PDF;

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An Open Modelling Approach for Availability and Reliability of Systems - OpenMARS / Penttinen, Jussi-Pekka ; Niemi, Arto (Tampere University of Technology (FI)) ; Gutleber, Johannes (CERN)
This document introduces and gives specification for OpenMARS, which is an open modelling approach for availability and reliability of systems. It supports the most common risk assessment and operation modelling techniques. [...]
CERN-ACC-2018-0006.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 Access to fulltext document: PDF;

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HOM power in FCC-ee cavities / Karpov, Ivan (CERN) ; Calaga, Rama (CERN) ; Chapochnikova, Elena (CERN)
This Note summarizes the results of the power loss calculations for FCC-ee machines with 400.79 MHz cavity options. The requirements for the single-cell cavity design and for the operation with beam are obtained from the results for the high-current FCC-ee machine (Z). [...]
CERN-ACC-2018-0005.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 Fulltext: PDF;

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Head-On Beam-Beam Interactions in High-Energy Hadron Colliders. GPU-Powered Modelling of Nonlinear Effects / Furuseth, Sondre
The performance of high-energy circular hadron colliders, as the Large Hadron Collider, is limited by beam-beam interactions [...]
CERN-THESIS-2017-279 - : NTNU, 2017-08-15. - 119 p.

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Vacuum Simulations in High Energy Accelerators and Distribution Properties of Continuous and Discrete Particle Motions / Aichinger, Ida
The underlying thesis on mathematical simulation methods in application and theory is structured into three parts [...]
CERN-THESIS-2017-252 - 159 p.

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The International Linear Collider Machine Staging Report 2017 / Evans, Lyn (Imperial College Sci., Tech. & Med. (GB)) ; Michizono, Shinichiro
The Technical Design Report (TDR) of the ILC mainly concentrates on a baseline machine of 500 GeV centre-of-mass with detailed cost and manpower estimates consistent with this option. [...]
KEK-2017-3 ; DESY-17-180 ; CERN-ACC-2017-0097 ; arXiv:1711.00568.
- 2017. - 23 p.
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Observations and measurements of dynamic effects due to beam-beam interactions in the LHC and extrapolation to the FCC-hh / Goncalves Jorge, Patrik
The Future Circular hadron-hadron Collider (FCC-hh) is a design study for a 100 TeV centre-of-mass energy [...]
CERN-THESIS-2017-161 -

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