Discovery Mondays "Controlling the accelerators: tracking the protons"

Le Centre de contrôle des accélérateurs du CERN.

Like a train of particles that picks up speed every time it passes a set of points, by the time they collide the protons and ions in the LHC will have followed their path through the six stages of the CERN accelerator complex, picking up speed at each stage. Operating the controls of this huge complex designed to accelerate the infinitesimally small are its peerless controllers. From the CERN Control Centre, they will be on duty day and night to accelerate the "wagon-loads" of particles, ensuring that they stay on track and lining them up for head-on collisions.

At the next Discovery Monday you will discover the path taken by the particles through the accelerator chain. You will gain an insight into the complex work performed by those controlling the particles and learn more about the CERN accelerator complex and its Control Centre.

Hop on board for a speed-of-light tour of the CERN accelerator complex.

The event will be conducted in French.

Come to the Microcosm (Reception Building 33, Meyrin site)

on Monday, 3 September from 7.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Entrance Free