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Preparation for Retirement Seminar

The Department of Human Resources is organising a preparation for retirement seminar which will take place on the four successive afternoons of 2 to 5 October 2007. >>

Information from the HR Department for members of the personnel residing in FRANCE

Tax assessment notice sent by the French Tax Centre Members of the personnel residing in France have received (or are about to receive) a document issued by their local Centre des Impôts (CDI) entitled «Avis d’impôt – IMPÔT SUR LES REVENUS DE 2006». >>

Governing Board of the Pension Fund

The Governing Board of the Pension Fund held its 154th and 155th meetings on 13 and 26 June 2007 respectively. >>

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CERN Technical Training: Open Places for September 2007 Courses   
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2007: A pivotal year (continued)  



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