Anthony (Tony) ROBERTS 5 March 1948 – 16 January 2008

Tony came from Netherton, a small town near Birmingham in the English West Midlands, where he grew up with his parents, who ran the local grocery store, "T.W. Roberts & Son". This is where he regularly liked to return, firstly to help his parents and later simply to spend time with them. Here undoubtedly lie the roots of his organizational skills and his ability to get on so well with others.

He soon became interested in the rapidly-developing field of computing and this was how he first came to CERN, during the summer of 1973, at the age of 25. He joined the DD Division as an operator responsible for the "calculators" of that time, where he stayed until 1979 when he joined the Fellows and Associates Section of Personnel Division. He participated in the general computerisation of the Administration and continued his career in the Records Office of HR Department, a post he held until the end.

Though still very British – obvious the moment he spoke – Tony integrated well and enjoyed the Franco-Swiss region that adopted him almost 35 years ago. Tony relished good food and quickly discovered and appreciated French cuisine - even frog legs and snails! Whether for a Sunday stroll in the Jura, a Swiss air show, the Woodcutters’ festival in Mijoux or the Alphorn festival in the Valais, Tony was always ready to join in and meet new people. He also enjoyed other horizons, traveling to far-off countries and returning with myriad stories – and it was during one of these trips that he met Marilyn, with whom he shared his life for many years.

Traditional by nature, loyal in friendship, generous towards those close to him, precise in his work and appreciative of the good times life could offer – that was Tony. He knew that life was made up of joys but also of difficulties. His personal experiences in the earlier years of his life in the region – difficulties that he coped with magnificently - certainly helped him during his final months in his brave battle against a terrible illness.

Tony passed away a few weeks before his 60th birthday, which would have been on 5 March 2008, an important milestone on the road to a well-deserved retirement. We are very saddened by his sudden departure. During this time of bereavement, our thoughts are with his parents, Thomas and Delia, his wife, Marilyn, his daughter, Sarah, and his sister, Christene, as well as all his family in England.

His friends and colleagues at CERN

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