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The collider of the future?

Why are two studies for one linear collider being conducted in parallel? This is far from a duplication of effort or a waste of resources, since the two studies reflect a complementary strategy aimed at providing the best technology for future physics. On Friday 12 June CERN hosted the first joint meeting between CLIC, ILC and the CERN management. >>

Safety at CERN

Safety is an integral part of our working lives, and should be in our minds whatever job we do at CERN. >>

J-PARC coming to life

J-PARC, Japan’s new Proton Accelerator Research Complex, is being inaugurated on 6 July. >>

The latest from the LHC

The last collimator being installed at point 8 on 23 June.All repairs in Sector 3-4, the sector damaged during the incident last September, have been completed and the sector has been closed up. >>

CERN reveals its real nature

CERN has been awarded an environmental label for its protection of rare flower species and its natural landscaping at the Meyrin site. >>

By boat to CERN

Hello, my name is Jordan Juras. I will be here at CERN for a 2-month period spanning mid-June through mid-August working as Student Journalist for The Bulletin. >>

Stand-up physics

A CMS physicist and amateur stand up comic was named the winner of NESTA FameLab 2009. Tom Whyntie battled it out with nine others young scientists from across the UK to win the contest to find the country’s next top science communicator. >>

Sergio Ferrara


Fermi comes to CERN

In only 10 months of scientific activity, the Fermi space observatory has already collected an unprecedented wealth of information on some of the most amazing objects in the sky. In a recent talk at CERN, Luca Latronico, a member of the Fermi collaboration, explained some of their findings and emphasized the strong links between High Energy Physics (HEP) and High Energy Astrophysics (HEA). >>

The racing dragon

Dating back nearly 2000 years, the ancient Chinese tradition of Dragon Boat Racing was originally a celebration that fell on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month as a gesture to please the Gods and bring forth necessary rains to cultivate the lands. Now the CERN Canoe and Kayak Club, too, participates in this tradition, though not so much to please the Gods on the ritualistic date, but to bring forth giant smiles on the faces of members. >>

Three Presidents in one day

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, President of Argentina, in the ATLAS cavern with Minister of Science and Technology, Lino Barañao. >>

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