Give your feedback on the new Users’ page

If you haven't already done so, visit the new Users’ page and provide the Communications group with your feedback. You can do this quickly and easily via an online form. A dedicated web steering group will design the future page on the basis of your comments.
As a first step towards reforming the CERN website, the Communications group is proposing a ‘beta’ version of the Users’ pages. The primary aim of this version is to improve the visibility of key news items, events and announcements to the CERN community.

The beta version is very much work in progress: your input is needed to make sure that the final site meets the needs of CERN’s wide and mixed community. The Communications group will read all your comments and suggestions, and will establish a web steering group that will make sure that the future CERN web pages match the needs of the community.

More information on this process, including the gradual 'retirement' of the grey Users' pages we are all so used to, will be posted in future editions of the Bulletin.

Visit the new page. Please note that feedback submissions are restricted to CERN IP addresses and can only be done via a computer on the CERN site.

by CERN Bulletin