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A magnificent team effort

During the last weekend and this week, the LHC has accomplished many tasks: it first circulated two beams in opposite directions, then made them collide in the heart of the four giant detectors and finally slightly increased their energy. Virtual champagne for the hundreds of people working night and day to repair the machine, prepare it for the restart and finally operate it. >>

Seven remarkable days

This has been a truly remarkable seven days for CERN. Things have moved so fast that it has sometimes been hard to separate fact from fiction – all the more so since facts have often seemed too good to be true. >>

Messages of congratulation received by the CERN Management and the Communication Group

Below we have reproduced a selection of messages from various laboratories and personalities congratulating CERN on its recent achievements. >>

The Proton Synchrotron, going strong at fifty years

It was on the evening of 24 November 1959 that an incredulous Hildred Blewett, on detachment to CERN from the Brookhaven laboratory, exclaimed “Yes! We’re through transition!” The first beam of ten billion protons had not only broken through the 5.2 GeV barrier but gone on all the way to 24 GeV, the machine’s top energy at that time. >>

EIROForum science goes to school

The first EIROForum school was held at CERN last week. In about four days, 35 teachers from 15 countries were able to get a flavour of the science done in four of the seven organizations participating in EIROForum. This was a chance for them to feel part of top-level European scientific research. >>

Maths and physics, a love story

Denis Guedj brings one of his plays to CERN. The writer and mathematician is working on a new novel in which LHC research figures prominently. >>

Snapshots of CERN

Art was the language of communication between science and the thousands of visitors attending CERN’s two photographic exhibitions in Italy and Spain in October. The artistic images of CERN’s Nobel Prize winners, Large Hadron Collider (LHC) machinery and detectors raised people's curiosity and helped to promote the understanding of particle physics. >>

The 20th Hadron Collider Physics Symposium in Evian

The 20th Hadron Collider Physics Symposium took place in Evian from 16 to 20 November 2009. >>

Fresh perspectives for a better world

While it’s no surprise that technology has the ability to change the world, it sometimes changes it in surprising ways. >>

Give your feedback on the new Users’ page

If you haven't already done so, visit the new Users’ page and provide the Communications group with your feedback. >>

Literature in Focus - Graviton 1992-2009

The CERN Library invites you to attend its next “Literature in Focus” event, which will take place at 4. >>

Literature in focus - The Large Hadron Collider: A Marvel of Technology

Inside an insulating vacuum chamber in a tunnel about 100 metres below the surface of the Franco-Swiss plain near Geneva, packets of protons whirl around the 27-km circumference of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at a speed close to that of light, colliding every 25 nanoseconds at four beam crossing points. >>

New arrivals

On Tuesday 24 November 2009, members of CERN Management welcomed recently-recruited staff members and fellows at the second part of the Induction Programme (photographed here with Anne-Sylvie CATHERIN, Head of HR Department). >>

Staff members with 25 years’ service at CERN in 2009

The 62 staff members who are celebrating 25 years' service at CERN in 2009 were invited by the Director-General to a reception in their honour on 17 November. >>

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