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Assizes : building a team in which everyone finds his place

After each election of the staff representatives, the Staff Association organizes its assizes, attended by outgoing and incoming delegates. >>

Fund Raising for Haiti

Dear Colleagues, Following the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 January 2010, the CERN Management and the Staff Association are organizing a collection to help the victims. >>

Special Offers

TPG Please take note that all people working at CERN and retired CERN staff members can purchase an annual Geneva TPG bus pass. >>

Dancing Club

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Cultural activities

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Concert Club

CERN MEYRIN (terminus bus 56-CERN) Entrée B - Bâtiment 500 - Amphithéâtre Mardi 26 janvier à 20 h 30 Le quintette Liliane JAQUES, flûte traversière Jade... >>


DVD James Bond – Series Complete To all Record Club Members, to start the new year, we have taken advantage of a special offer to add copies of all the James Bond movies to date, from the very first - Dr. >>


Coffee Morning Tuesday 9th February 2010 09:00–11:00 Building 504 (Restaurant No. 2 – DSR) 1st Floor, Club Room 3   New arrivals and all members are cordially invited. >>


NOUVELLES INSCRIPTIONS Liste des cours pour le semestre allant du 1er février au 30 juin 2010. >>


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Une reprise pour une nouvelle année Interfon continuera cette année encore à vous faire profiter des avantages régulièrement discutés avec nos partenaires, des informations nouvelles qui nous parviennent, des améliorations que vous souhaiteriez voir se concrétiser. >>

News Articles

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Official News

Standing Concertation Committee  
Pension payment dates in 2010  
Staff Rules and Regulations – Modification No. 4 to the 11th edition  
Staff Rules and Regulations – Modification No. 3 to the 11th edition  
Adjustments to financial and social benefits  
CHIS - Annual adjustment of benefits and fixed contributions  
Validity of your safety awareness training  
To all members of personnel in receipt of remuneration from CERN  

Training and Development

CERN Technical training: Available places in forthcoming courses  
Noise Training - ’Bruit – Connaître les risques liés au bruit‘  
New Office Software course format  
CERN Technical training: Available places in forthcoming courses  
Technical training: AXEL-2010 - Introduction to particle accelerators  

General Information

French Customs  
Modification of Telecom Lab opening hours  
E-mail to SMS service change