A workplace marked by respect and understanding

Integrity, commitment, professionalism, creativity and diversity: five words that each and every one of us at CERN can identify with, because they represent the core values of this Organization. That’s why they have been chosen as the starting point for our new Code of Conduct, which is being launched this week. 

A Code of Conduct describes the basic standards and rules of behaviour that we can expect in the workplace, and it is a statement of the way we see our Organization’s values. CERN’s mission is fundamental research in physics: pushing back the frontiers of human knowledge. In support of that mission, we drive innovation, stimulate international collaboration and inspire a rising generation of scientists. We do all this while respecting the highest ethical standards, and it is this aspect of CERN life that the Code of Conduct describes.

CERN’s Code of Conduct has been developed through a collaborative and transparent process to foster shared appreciation of CERN’s values and their influence on the way we work. It does not duplicate or extend our existing legal rights and obligations, nor is it an exhaustive list of dos and don’ts. Rather, it is a practical guide, assisting us in understanding how we conduct ourselves, treat others, and can expect to be treated in accordance with CERN values.

At the same time as launching the Code of Conduct, we are creating the position of Ombuds at CERN. An Ombuds is a person who is there to provide an informal route to resolution of potential conflict, and to advise on the application of the Code of Conduct. We have appointed Vincent Vuillemin into this important position, and you can read his views on the role in this Bulletin.

Our Code of Conduct will be a valuable tool in maintaining and developing a workplace marked by mutual respect and understanding. We should all familiarize ourselves with it and incorporate it into our daily life. By doing so we will ensure that CERN continues to pursue its mission in a manner that inspires trust and respect while maintaining a healthy and stimulating environment for all.

Rolf Heuer