Physikshow is a hit in the Globe

Students from the University of Bonn put on three highly successful performances of their "Physikshow", a theatrical journey into the world of particles.


All you need is a bit of imagination and stage management for even the most abstract of physics to become entertaining and intelligible, a principle demonstrated by 20 students from the University of Bonn and their teachers who gave three performances of their "Physikshow" in the Globe of Science and Innovation. The students quickly won over their audience using an array of amazing experiments and wacky sketches to illustrate the world of particles, the principle of forces and the evolution of the cosmos. More than 370 pupils from local secondary schools in France and the Cantons of Geneva and Vaud travelled to CERN for the two performances specially reserved for schools. The audience for the public performance numbered no fewer than 250.

Physikshow was first performed in 2002 and has evolved over the years thanks to the input of new students. The key to its success is in exploiting the students' originality and spontaneity to convey fundamental physics principles through simple, entertaining experiments. In other words, the show is basically a dialogue between youth and science. To mark their trip to CERN, the troupe put a little extra into the show - sequences on LHC research were inserted, the actors learned their lines in French and all the video footage was translated. They all deserve a standing ovation!




by CERN Bulletin