Dear colleagues,

As one would expect, everything is accelerating in our Laboratory, whether it be particles or the train of concertation meetings. Let us hope nevertheless that some light will come from this speed.

Yet, let’s not complain; where there is discussion there is hope. Better a Management that concerts with the Staff Association on major subjects than to revive past horrors. It is also a question of respect. Moreover, this can be useful, as you will read below.

The Staff Association has long been a source of proposals. By showing its necessity, we obtained the Long-Term Care system; the same with the Saved Leave schemes (RSL, which later became SLS). These are just two examples of social innovation.

Today we are considering the question of our pensions. The situation is serious. The Fund is in a bad state and this must be remedied. This is the time to be very careful about the proposals submitted to us. For this the Staff Association can count on its own experts, members of its Pensions Commission.

As the discussions are in full swing we cannot expand on the contents here. But it is important to know that our counter-proposals are taken very seriously by the Management.

Time is running out, the deadlines are approaching. At the SCC meeting on 1 November and then the TREF meeting on 4 November with the Member States, these questions of importance for the Organization and its staff (former, current, and future) will be tackled.

We have programmed three public meetings immediately afterwards to inform you of the results of these discussions. Then, as at the end of each Five-Yearly Review, we must take a position on the proposals. Thus we shall ask your opinion on the three subjects, salaries, health insurance, and pensions. There might also be a subsidiary question regarding your take-home pay next January … but this depends on how the situation evolves.

This year, this vote by all staff will take place in mid-November unless something unforeseen happens. Should this be the case, you will be quickly informed of the reason. In the meantime we invite you to attend one of our public meetings on 8 and 10 November. So, see you soon for the latest news of decisions crucial for our future. Thank you for your support.


Pump Room, Bdlg. 222-R-001

09.00 to 10.30 in French

09.00 to 10.30 in English
10.45 to 12.15h in French

To vote intelligently, come and be informed !


by Staff Association