The Commission on Employment Conditions, an ambitious undertaking !

Since the beginning of the year, the Commission on Employment Conditions has had much success in the number and ability of its participants. It has mostly worked on salaries, the only compulsory subject of the 2010 five-yearly review. In the framework of this review, the Commission has analysed the results of the comparison carried out by the OECD (see Echo 104 and 105).

Through its research and analysis, the Commission has clearly shown that our salaries are lower than those of the comparators. It is there necessary to adjust the salary grid with a salary catch-up and not an increase. In 20 years, no five-yearly review has ended with a significant catch-up. Today it is essential to inform our colleagues that this subject needs to be dealt with and that measures must be taken to finance it, as is the case for restoring the equilibrium of the Pension Fund and Health Insurance schemes.

The Commission has established an argumentation to help our fellow delegates talk about the delicate subject of salary catch-up. A vademecum has been drawn up to explain our argumentation and convince everyone of their rights in this area. Furthermore, the Commission presented its analysis and conclusions at a Staff Council mini-assizes. Staff members interested in knowing the details of these studies can contact their delegates who will be pleased to inform you and hear what you have to say.

Whilst awaiting the management’s proposals on the salary part of the five-yearly review, the Commission has prepared a statistical analysis of the 2010 MARS exercise and the combined 2007 to 2010 MARS. The aim is to look at the 2010 MARS statistics to see if the exercise took place according to the rules agreed for all members of the personnel. Merit recognition is composed of three elements:
  • Advancement: the award of one or more steps in a career path. The figures requested concern only those eligible over one year and their advancement over four years.
  • Promotion: a change of salary band or career path. For these changes, a study over one and four years with the number of steps obtained.
  • Financial awards: the number awarded.

The Commission is currently studying the Director-General’s proposals concerning the five-yearly review and their implementation. We will be interested to hear the feedback from the Member States delegates at the TREF meeting on Thursday 4th November so that we can continue our thinking.

by Staff Association