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Start of sailing season - already

Your YCC committee, freshly elected last November, has been beavering away ever since then, preparing your Agenda, negotiating Regatta days with the Police du Lac, putting together the courses we will be able to offer, answering a surprising number of queries from potential new members about how to enrol - not quite as busy as in full season, but a lot is going on! Diehards are even still going sailing: talk to Michał if you would like to participate in a Surprise regatta soon.

The picture shows a regatta mast (not actually sure if it is ours, in better days?) with lake conditions as they are as we write. It serves as a reminder that we could do with some help: our mast is currently out of action, and we are looking for a volunteer to put it back up, in the next couple of months: please tell any Committee Member you are willing.

Similarly, there is plenty of work in our storage BA 5: we are lucky to have commodious, dry (mostly), warmish (well, depends what you are wearing...), well lit storage space: again, we would welcome your volunteering to help. Gijs, for instance, is looking for active vandalism, to help metal-saw-up a couple of superfluous trailers. Shelves which are safe also need putting up - to say nothing of work on the boats themselves - please make yourself known!

Your correspondent has not heard any rumours yet about proposed new boats, but as our newest purchase has yet to meet the water (the “green tub” replacement), there is time for that. It is going to be a great season, as usual - and with your willing help please!



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