Entitlement to vote in the Canton of Geneva and entitlement to vote and eligibility for election in the Canton of Vaud

You are reminded that, at commune level, certain international civil servants and their family members:

  1. are entitled to vote in the Canton of Geneva
  2. are entitled to vote and are eligible for election in the Canton of Vaud.

For further information, in particular regarding the special procedure to be followed to apply to exercise these entitlements, you are invited to consult the information published, in French only, on the Swiss Mission’s website (topic « Privileges and immunities (Manual) » :

The dates of the forthcoming ballots are available on the official websites of the cantonal administrative authorities :

In this context, please note, especially with regard to the eligibility for election, that:

  • in accordance with Articles S I 3.05 and I 3.06 of the Staff Rules "Members of the personnel wishing to take part in the public and political life of a State shall comply with the relevant legislation" and shall refrain from "any act or activity which is incompatible with their functions" or "would be morally or materially prejudicial to the Organization";
  • Article R I 3.03 of the Staff Regulations stipulates that : "Employed members of the personnel wishing to engage in a political activity shall first notify the Director-General in writing (...). Political activity shall include the exercise of a public function, conducting an election campaign and public participation in the life of a political party.”

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