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To all members of the personnel   >>

Protecting your files on the AFS file system

The Andrew File System is a world-wide distributed file system linking hundreds of universities and organizations, including CERN. >>

Blood donation

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Blocking of CERN Accounts after 28 February 28 2011

Since last year, all persons owning a CERN computer account must follow the obligatory CERN Computer Security Course. >>

CERN Shuttle

As of Monday 21 February, a new schedule will come into effect for the Airport Shuttle (circuit No. 4) at the end of the afternoon: Last departure at 7:00 pm from Main Buildig, (Bldg. >>

Physics Colloquium: Theory of the spin wave Seebeck effect in magnetic insulators

Geneva University Physics Department 24, quai Ernest-Ansermet CH-1211 Geneva 4 >>

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Official News

Federal census of the population in Switzerland  
Taxation in Switzerland  
Entitlement to vote in the Canton of Geneva and entitlement to vote and eligibility for election in the Canton of Vaud  

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CCM - Understanding and working with Competencies  

Staff Association

Is MARS a good system for CERN?  
Election to the Board of the Mutual Aid Fund  
Looking at our origins  
There's no language like our language, like no language we know. But how did it evolve?  
Nursery School - Exhibition  
Nursery School - ENROLMENTS 2011-2012  
Would you like to learn to sail?  
Groupement des anciens du CERN et de l'ESO