Looking at our origins

Exhibition by Nairucu-Arts, in collaboration with the Anthropology Museum Giuseppe Sergi, Università la Sapienza, Roma, Italy and ECOLINT, Campus des Nations.

The exhibition comprises: posters (in English and French) intended for a large audience with text from Prof. Giorgio Manzi, Julia Rizzo, Fabio Di Vincenzo, illustrated with art drawings from Carlo Ranzi, Italy.

The exhibition will also present drawings from the students of the Art Classes of Karin Bain and Fabien Bruttin at ECOLINT,Geneva.

On 2nd March at 5 p.m. you will be welcomed with a drink before the conference that will be given in English at 6 p.m in the CERN Council Room by Wim De Geest, a retired Professor from KUB (Catholic University of Brussels). Title: There's no language like our language, like no language we know. But how did it evolve? A summary in French will be made available for the public.

by Nairucu Arts