Film Presentation: CERN or the Factory for the Absolute by Jan Sacher (2010)

This film is about the Largest Hadron Collider in the world, the LHC, which is located on the French - Swiss border. By means of the accelerator, the scientists want to simulate the situation shortly after the Big Bang. As a result, they hope to acquire basic information about the structure of mass and reveal the last secrets of the universe. This observational documentary deals with several serious questions, such as the introduction of the CERN institution, an explanation of the experiments and their expected results, as well as the technological complexity of the project. Finally, the possible risks are discussed.

CERN or the Factory for the Absolute will be presented on
Friday, 6 May from 13:00 to 14:05
in the Council Chamber

Please note that the Czech version of this film, CERN neboli Továrna na absolutno, will be shown on Friday, 20 May in the Council Chamber.

by CERN Bulletin