Summertime and the studying is easy

The 2011 edition of one of CERN's most successful educational projects received over 1700 applications for the 255 places available. The participants came from 66 different countries across every continents.


This year’s Summer Students pictured in the garden in front of the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN.

Students followed the series of lectures and the official programme of visits and workshops. In addition, they did not neglect the social aspect of their experience at CERN and organised a variety of extra initiatives. These included the election of Mister Higgs and Miss Susy, the setting up of a Summer Student Football Team to play in the annual CERN championship, and the organisation of ballroom dancing lessons.

For the first time this year, the programme also attracted the attention of the media: TV networks, journalists and authors came to CERN to meet the students and to get their impressions. Students also produced a video – “We think physicists CAN dance” – that will be sent to the American show “So you think you can dance”. We look forward to reporting on their future successes in all fields!

by CERN Bulletin