Mutual aid fund commission

The composition of the Board of the Mutual Aid Fund for 2011 is as follows:

President: Pascal Droux
Vice-president: Connie Potter
Treasurer: Louis Pereira
Deputy treasurer: Barbara Brugger
Secretary: Sonia Casenove
Deputy secretary: Isabelle Mardirossian
Members: Christopher David Thomas
  Jean-Claude Vialis (GAC member)
  Marie-Luce Falipou
  Gunilla Santiard (Jean-Claude Vialis’s alternate)

The role of the Fund is to provide financial help to members of personnel and beneficiaries of the Pension Fund who are in need of exceptional financial assistance. All requests are treated in the strictest confidence.

Should you wish to apply for aid from the Fund, kindly contact any member of the Board as given above or Social Services, tel.74479 – 73867.

by Staff Association