News from the Library: Even more prestigious scientific journals on the Library virtual shelves

The CERN Library has just acquired the online archives of the Physics journals published by Taylor & Francis.


The highlight of this series of scientific journals is the complete collection of the well-known Philosophical Magazine, published from 1798. This journal includes papers from many illustrious scientists such as Faraday, Joule, Rutherford, Bohr and de Broglie. In 1897, Philosophical Magazine series 5 published the J.J. Thomson’s  famous article ‘Cathode Rays’, where he gives an account of the discovery of particles he called "corpuscles", later named "electrons". A few years later, in 1919, the magazine featured the paper by Rutherford describing the first artificial transmutation of an element: ‘Collision of α Particles with Light Atoms. IV. An Anomalous Effect in Nitrogen’. 

Many other important journal titles are included in the archives, such as Contemporary Physics and Advances in Physics.

As usual, all these journals are accessible from any computer on the CERN site, but also from outside CERN, thanks to the Library proxy service.

The full list of journals is available here. Full information will be added to the CERN Document Server in the coming days.

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by CERN Library