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Public meetings: important changes to prepare the future

Overview of the topics to be discussed >>

2011 Elections to Staff Council

Starting with Echo of 26 September, posters, etc. call for applications Wednesday 26 October, at noon closing date for receipt of the application Monday 31 October, at noon start date for voting Monday... >>

Horn of Africa food crisis

Bank account details for the donations >>

CERN Women's Club

Coffee Morning Tuesday 11th October, 9:00 – 11:00 Bldg 504 (Restaurant No 2) 1st Floor, Club Room 3 >>

Scuba Club

Ever thought of exploring the surrealistic world of scuba diving? >>

Cricket Club

Rhone CC v CERN CC at Parc de Parilly, Lyon on Sunday 11th September 2011 >>

Pétanque Club

Pour la sixième année consécutive se déroulait samedi 17 septembre 2011 le challenge «Rita», défunte épouse de notre ami Alain Philipona. >>


Council Chamber / Salle du Conseil Entrance : 2 CHF >>

Orienteering Club

Coupe genevoise, suite >>


Le GAC organise chaque mois des permanences avec entretiens individuels. >>

Special Offers

Walibi Rhône-Alpes is open until 31 October. Reduced prices for children and adults at this French attraction park in Les Avenières. >>


Prochaine journée « Portes ouvertes » Mercredi 5 octobre de 16 h 00 à 20 h 00 Salle Jean Monnet à St-Genis >>

News Articles

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News from the Library: Even more prestigious scientific journals on the Library virtual shelves  

Official News

End-of-year closure 2011/2012  
Forthcoming indefinite contract review procedure  

Training and Development

General and Professional French Courses  
Safety Training: scheduled sessions in September and October 2011  
Academic Training Lecture - Regular lecture programme  


Vaccination against seasonal influenza: a reminder  
Assignment of personnel to work in Switzerland by companies from the European Union / EFTA(1)  
Information from the Radioactive Waste Section  
Preparation for Retirement Seminar  
The Telecom Lab is moving to the Building 2, in front of the Main Building  
Italy at CERN – Industrial exibition  
Staff Association Information Meetings  
Self-Service Password Reset  
A new video programme  
CDS User survey  


Globe Lecture: "De découverte en découverte et de fil en aiguille : 100 ans d’étude du noyau atomique"  
Exhibition: Women and Sciences by Fiami  
All roads lead to Meyrin