Adjustments to financial benefits and contributions with effect from 1 January 2012

In accordance with recommendations made by the Finance Committee and decisions taken by Council in December 2010, June and December 2011, certain financial benefits and contributions impacting salaries and stipends have been adjusted with effect from 1 January 2012.

1)  Five-yearly review 2010 (decisions taken by Council in December 2010)

  • In line with the second phase of Council decisions, increases of 1% and 2% have been applied to basic salaries in Career Path D and Career Paths E to G respectively1);
  • In addition, Health Insurance Scheme contribution rates have been modified (from 4.27%) to 4.41% for the member and (from 6.59%) to 6.86% for the Organization.

2)  Package of measures towards restoring full funding of the Pension Fund (decisions taken by Council in June 2011)

  • In accordance with Council decisions, the Organization’s contribution rate for new members of the Fund as of 1.1.2012 is 17%.  The provisions for current members remain unchanged.

3)  Annual adjustments (decisions taken by Council in December 2011)

  • As a result of the evolution of the Geneva consumer price index, no adjustments have been made to:
    • the scale of basic salaries or to stipends paid to Fellows (Annexes R A 5 and R A 6 of the Staff Regulations).
    • the subsistence allowances of Paid Associates and Students (Annex R A 7 of the Staff Regulations).
    • the following social benefits:
      • Family, child and infant allowances (Annex R A 3 of the Staff Regulations)
      • Payment ceilings of education fees (Annex R A 4 of the Staff Regulations)

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1) Due to recalculation of the C coefficients, contributions to the Pension Fund may lead to a difference of up to one Swiss Franc across all career paths as a consequence of rounding effects.