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Pension payment dates in 2012   >>

Extension of the pre-retirement programmes   >>

To all members of personnel in receipt of remuneration from CERN

In 2012 net monthly remuneration will be paid into individual bank accounts on the following dates: >>

Administrative Circular No. 26 (Rev. 9) – Recognition of Merit

Administrative Circular No. 26 (Rev. 9) entitled "Recognition of Merit”, approved by the Director-General following discussion in the Standing Concertation Committee meeting on 27 September 2011 is available on the intranet site of the Human Resources Department: https://cern. >>

Adjustments to financial benefits and contributions with effect from 1 January 2012

1)  Five-yearly review 2010 (decisions taken by Council in December 2010) >>

Residence in Switzerland of partners of members of the personnel

a) CERN Staff Rules and Regulations Article S IV 1.02 of the Staff Rules defines a "partner", irrespective of gender, as "any person linked to an employed member of the personnel by a partnership officially registered in a Member State". >>

News Articles

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Route de Meyrin-CERN: and the winner is...  
LHC Report: The machine under maintenance  
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Funding innovation  
Data goes faster than ever  
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Training and Development

English Course  
CERN Technical training: Available places in forthcoming courses  
Novelties on Sharepoint Collaboration Workspace  


Modifications to the Rules of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) on 1 January 2012  
Geneva University: New frontiers on photodetection   
Health, hygiene and safety in the workplace and the MARS interview  
R.I.P. Computer Animal Shelter  
Results of the Route de Meyrin - CERN international competition  
Accelerator and Technical Sector Seminar: Future neutrino facilities: the neutrino factory  
New arrivals  
Visit of Danish firms at CERN  
Workshop "Chamonix 2012"  
Model United Nations at CERN  


Lecture: Broken mirrors, lost antimatter, hidden matter-inquiries into the turbulent beginnings of the universe  
Concert: Florilège  

Staff Association

2011 : Qu'elle année !  
Banque cantonale de Genève (BCGE)  
Dancing Club  
Car Club  
Yoga Club  
Learning Classical Music Club  
Théâtre de Carouge  
Théâtre Le Poche