Agenda for the meeting to be held
on Wednesday 7 March 2012
at 9:15 a.m. in room 60-6-002


1.     Chairperson's remarks                           

2.     Adoption of the agenda                              

3.     Minutes of the previous meeting

4.     Matters arising                                                           

5.     Report on services from GS department

6.     News from the CERN Management

7.     Users’ Office news

8.     Reports from ACCU representatives on other Committees

a.     Accommodation Facilities Working Group

b.     Restaurants' Supervisory Committee

9.     Any Other Business

10.  Agenda for the next meeting


Anyone wishing to raise any points under item 9 is invited to send them to the Chairperson in writing or by e-mail to Michael Hauschild (Secretary).

ACCU is the forum for discussion between the CERN Management and the representatives of CERN Users to review the practical means taken by CERN for the work of Users of the Laboratory. The User Representatives to ACCU are:

Austria                        M. Jeitler (mailto:manfred.jeitler@cern.ch)

Belgium                       C. Vander Velde (Chairperson) (mailto:catherine.vander.velde@ulb.ac.be)


Czech Republic          S. Nemecek (mailto:Stanislav.Nemecek@cern.ch)

Denmark                    J.B. Hansen (mailto:Jorgen.Beck.Hansen@cern.ch)

Finland                       K. Lassila-Perini (mailto:Katri.Lassila-Perini@cern.ch)

France                        F. Ferri (mailto:Federico.Ferri@cern.ch)

                                    A. Rozanov (mailto:Alexandre.Rozanov@cern.ch)

Germany                   A. Meyer (mailto:andreas.meyer@cern.ch)

                                    I. Fleck (mailto:fleck@hep.physik.uni-siegen.de)

Greece                       D. Sampsonidis (mailto:Dimitrios.Sampsonidis@cern.ch)

Hungary                    V. Veszprémi (mailto:Viktor.Veszpremi@cern.ch)

Italy                           G. Passaleva (mailto:giovanni.passaleva@fi.infn.it)

                                   N. Pastrone (mailto:Nadia.Pastrone@cern.ch)

Netherlands              G. Bobbink (mailto:Gerjan.Bobbink@cern.ch)

Norway                      J. Nystrand (mailto:Joakim.Nystrand@cern.ch)

Poland                     P. Bruckman De Renstrom  (mailto:Pawel.Bruckman.de.Renstrom@cern.ch)

Portugal                    P. Bordalo (mailto:Paula.Bordalo@cern.ch)

Romania                   R. Muresan (mailto:Raluca.Muresan@cern.ch)

Slovak Republic      A. Dubnickova (mailto:Anna.Dubnickova@cern.ch)

Spain                        I. Riu (mailto:Imma.Riu@cern.ch)

Sweden                    A. Ferrari (arnaud.ferrari@physics.uu.se)

Switzerland             M. Weber (mailto:michele.weber@cern.ch)

United Kingdom    M. Campanelli (mailto:Mario.Campanelli@cern.ch)

                                 T. Berry (mailto:tracey.berry@cern.ch)

Non-Member States    D. Acosta (mailto:Darin.Acosta@cern.ch)

                                  E. Etzion (mailto:Erez.Etzion@cern.ch)

                                  C. Jiang (mailto:jiangch@mail.ihep.ac.cn)

                                  N. Zimine (mailto:Nikolai.Zimine@cern.ch)

CERN                      E. Auffray (mailto:Etiennette.Auffray@cern.ch)

                                  R. Hawkings (mailto:Richard.Hawkings@cern.ch)


CERN Management is represented by Sergio Bertolucci (Director for Research and Computing), Sigurd Lettow (Director for Administration and General Infrastructure), Jose Salicio Diez/PH with Michael Hauschild/PH as Secretary and Doris Chromek-Burckhart/Head of the Users' Office.

Human Resources Department is represented by James Purvis, the General Infrastructure Services Department by Isabelle Mardirossian, the Occupational Health Safety and Environmental protection Unit by Enrico Cennini, and the CERN Staff Association by Michel Goossens.

Other members of the CERN Staff attend as necessary for specific agenda items. Anyone interested in further information about ACCU is welcome to contact the appropriate representative, or the Chairperson or Secretary (73564 or by e-mail to Michael.Hauschild@cern.ch).