Strength in diversity

Diversity has always been science’s big secret, yet it’s a secret we’ve always been keen to share. CERN was founded on the basis of bringing a diverse mix of people together to pursue common aims, and it’s one of the things that’s driven this Organization’s success over the decades.


Now, we are launching a new diversity programme aimed at strengthening our tradition of inclusiveness. This programme is being launched with a range of key goals in mind for the 2012-2014 timeframe. We’ll be striving to achieve a fair gender balance across all professional categories, and to provide strong gender role models across the Organization. We’ll be improving our career development processes to allow people to progress through both technical and managerial pathways, and we’ll be re-launching workshops that bring people from diverse professions and generations together to share their experience on key aspects of life at CERN. We’ll be looking at ways to continually improve work-life balance, and we’ll be organising events to stimulate inclusiveness and mutual respect. And last, but not least, we’ll continue our robust efforts to recruit excellent people from the full range of our Member States. We’re proud of our diversity at CERN, where all individuals can contribute to their full potential, without the need for groupings or associations that foster separateness.

CERN’s Directors and Department Leaders have played a full part in developing our new diversity programme, which is being rolled out now. I encourage you all to take part and to celebrate the diversity that is our strength.

Rolf Heuer