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A rare sight

Today, at the Hadron Collider Physics Symposium in Kyoto, the LHCb collaboration has presented the evidence of a very rare B decay, the rarest ever seen. The result further shrinks the region in which scientists can still look for supersymmetry. >>

All new for NA62

This week sees the start of the first run of the new NA62 experiment. This will be a unique opportunity for the collaboration to test its new beam, new detectors and new data acquisition system before the physics run in 2014. Speaking to the Bulletin, the NA62 technical coordinator Ferdinand Hahn shares the many challenges that the various teams faced to be on time for beam. Ready, steady, start! >>

From the Jura to Japan...

Fifty years ago, a week-long school for physicists took place in Saint Cergue, in the Jura mountains not far from CERN. Its focus was on using emulsion techniques, but its legacy was much more far reaching. Last week I was in Fukuoka, Japan, on the last day of a direct descendent – the first Asia–Europe–Pacific School of High-Energy Physics (AEPSHEP). >>

LHC Report: Production and small angles

The last two weeks have seen steady luminosity production. The total luminosity of ATLAS and CMS exceeded 19 fb-1, while LHCb reached 1.8 fb-1 and ALICE, 6 pb-1. >>

The LHC, de-squeezed

Rare processes like the Higgs production require maximizing the number of proton collisions. This is done by squeezing the beams to very small sizes. However, interesting physics processes also happen when beams are not squeezed at interaction points. Last week, a dedicated run showed that the LHC is a record-breaking machine also with de-squeezed beams. >>

CERN, Europe and the world of education

In addition to introducing young people to the fields of science and engineering, CERN’s Education Group is also an active partner in several European projects aimed at improving the tools used to teach science. With its wealth of experience, the Laboratory is a key player in these initiatives. >>

The space adventure comes to a conference at CERN

From 5 to 7 November, CERN will host the 4th International Conference on Particle and Fundamental Physics in Space (SpacePart12). Special talks open to the general public will be given by two of the biggest names in space exploration: Edward Stone, project scientist for the Voyager probes, and William Gerstenmaier, former Manager of the International Space Station (ISS) programme. >>

Successful apprenticeships

The 2008-2012 group of CERN apprentices has every right to be proud: as their stay at the Laboratory ends, all four have received diplomas. Well done! >>

A German format for pupils’ training

Every year CERN welcomes thousands of pupils from schools worldwide for a half-day visit to the Laboratory. However, since 2011 about ten selected students from Germany have been given the opportunity to experience CERN in much greater depth. They are fully sponsored by the German Ministry of Education and supported by an organising structure at TU Dresden - the Dresden University of Technology - led by Michael Kobel. It’s an investment that's paying off in Germany. >>

TEDxBrussels broadcast live at CERN

In order to give you a taste of a TEDx event, the team of TEDxCERN will show the live webcast of TEDxBrussels at the CERN main restaurant on November 12th from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and from 2 p.m to 7 p.m.  Come and discover the event, in preparation for TEDxCERN, which will take place in May next year. >>

… and thank you for your mobile data!

Do you recall our Bulletin articles “Smartphone lost - Privacy gone” and “Your privacy is paramount”? In an interesting twist, we recently learned of a senior CERN staff member who returned his old smartphone to the CERN Telecom Service in exchange for a new phone. Guess what came with it? All his e-mails and plenty of personal data. Privacy, anyone? >>

News from the Library: The 'long tail' Library

"The term 'long tail' has gained popularity in recent times as describing the retailing strategy of selling a large number of unique items with relatively small quantities sold of each usually in addition to selling fewer popular items in large quantities. The long tail was popularized by Chris Anderson, who mentioned, Apple and Yahoo! as examples of businesses applying this strategy." * >>

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