All fired up

Members of the Directorate and their support staff took part in a fire-fighting course organised by the CERN Fire Brigade just before the end-of-year break.  The Bulletin takes a look at the fire-fighting training on offer at CERN.


At CERN the risk of fire can never be under-estimated. In order to train personnel in the use of fire extinguishers, CERN's fire training centre in Prévessin acquired a fire-simulation platform in 2012.

On the morning of 17 December 2012, ten members of the CERN directorate and their support staff tried out the platform, following in the footsteps of 400 other members of the CERN community who had already attended the course. The participants were welcomed to the training centre by Gilles Colin, a fire-fighter and instructor, who gave them a 30-minute introduction to general safety and the different types of fire and fire extinguishers, followed by an hour of practical instruction in the simulation facility. There they were able to practise putting out several types of fire (office, computer, chemical and electrical cabinets) under realistic conditions with smoke and sound effects. The visit was rounded off by a demonstration of the fire engine in action and how to extinguish a vehicle fire.

The "Use of Fire Extinguishers" course is available in both English and French. Like most of CERN's safety courses, the training is valid for three years.

You are encouraged to sign up for the course using the HSE Unit's training catalogue.
Learn how to save lives!


by CERN Bulletin