CERN Library and Art@CMS present Artist and Painter Xavier Cortada and CMS Physicist Pete Markowitz

Xavier Cortada is an American artist and painter, and an artist in residence at Florida International University (FIU) College of Architecture and the Arts who also specializes in participatory art projects. His work includes art installations at the Earth’s poles to generate awareness about climate change, child welfare murals in Bolivia and peace murals in Cyprus.

Xavier will be in conversation with CMS physicist Pete Markowitz, also from FIU, to discuss the participatory art piece which they developed together. The piece will be showcased in the CMS detector hall on Thursday 11 April during the experiment’s conference week.

The piece promises to "engage 300 scientists from around the world in a performance art piece that transforms them into the very subatomic particles they research". It is the first piece by Art@CMS, a new project inspired by the Arts@CERN programme.

Discover more about how this new piece was developed and more about Xavier’s work by joining him and Pete Markowitz in conversation in the CERN Library on Tuesday 9 April at 4:00 p.m.

For further information about Xavier Cortada, visit his website:

Click here for the event on Indico.

by CERN Library