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R2E – identifying problems, mitigating risks

During LS1, the R2E project team will be working on a task as painstaking as it is crucial: to achieve a sixfold reduction in the number of electronic malfunctions caused by radiation. On their success depends the ability of the accelerator to function correctly at nominal energy. No mean challenge, considering it comes on top of the tenfold reduction already achieved since 2009. >>

Multiplying dimensions

A few weeks ago, I had a vague notion of what TED was, and how it worked, but now I’m a confirmed fan. It was my privilege to host CERN’s first TEDx event last Friday, and I can honestly say that I can’t remember a time when I was exposed to so much brilliance in such a short time. >>

Please use the emergency exit

In order to minimise the consequences of an incident like the one that occurred in 2008, the LHC has been fitted with safety valves. A total of 1,344 of these valves, whose function is to release the helium in the event of over-pressure, will be in place by the end of LS1. >>

Filling the vacuum at LHCb

Last month, the Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings (VSC) group was tasked with an unusually delicate operation in the LHCb experiment cavern: removing the LHC beam pipe while keeping the sensitive Vertex Locator vacuum vessel (VELO) completely isolated from the action. >>

Collider – the LHC in London

In November the London Science Museum will open a major new exhibition about the LHC. The project marks an ambitious new approach for the museum who will work with an eclectic design team that includes a video artist and a playwright. Both Olivier Award winners, they are more renowned for their work on stage and screen than inside museums. >>

The success of the 11-Tesla project and its potential beyond particle physics

On 7 March, the 1-metre-long single-aperture dipole model magnet under testing at Fermilab reached a current of 12.54 kA corresponding to a bore field of 11.5 Tesla, thus surpassing the goal set for the 11 T dipole project. >>

Fire and evacuation drills make the CERN safety plans work

Regular drills are a way of making sure that we are ready and able to react in the event of a fire or other adverse event. They are also a demanding test of all the technical and organisational measures in place to allow the quick and safe evacuation of buildings. Recently, large-scale drills took place in Building 40 and at Point 5 underground. >>

Celebrating 50 years of the CERN Computing Operations group

Last week, former and current computing operations staff, managers and system engineers were reunited at CERN. They came together to celebrate a milestone not only for the IT Department but also for CERN: the 50th anniversary of the CERN Operations group and the 40th birthday of the Computer Centre. >>

Highlights from e-EPS: EPS and EuChems are joining forces

e-EPS News is an addition to the CERN Bulletin line-up, showcasing articles from e-EPS – the European Physical Society newsletter – as part of a collaboration between the two publications. >>

Bad (Re)Presentations

This time, we would like to address copyright violations (again) - but with a twist. While previous articles focussed on “Music, videos and the risk for CERN” or on software licences, the focus is now on using photos, music and images “found” on the Web for presentations, publications and web pages… >>

Ombuds’ corner: Ethics - first speak to yourself

Good ethics start with you. It is similar to the CERN Code of Conduct: such a code is not designed to remind us to be in agreement with its values, but rather it is intended to remind us that we should first apply it to ourselves. Why is this in our interest? >>

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