Now playing in a browser near you: TEDxCERN

Earlier this month, CERN played host to one of the hottest, hippest and most educational parties around: TEDx. The event brought together thousands of viewers, speakers and participants from around the world.


The TEDxCERN event was the hottest ticket in town – and those who couldn’t make the event in person turned up online! More than 1,000 TEDxCERN fans watched the event via simulcast at viewing parties held in 27 institutions, but dominating the audience were the 10,870 unique viewers who tuned in to the live webcast, along with over 300 people who joined the webcast from CERN and another 300 watching it live from the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN.

But if you missed the excitement, never fear. Videos of the talks, as well as the clips presented during the talks themselves, are now available online. Just head to the TEDxCERN homepage and catch up! Watch as researcher Maya Tolstoy discusses seafloor earthquakes, Google Science Fair winner Brittany Wengler describes how to make a neural network in your bedroom, cartoon characters explain the beginning of the universe for TED-Ed, opera singers extol the virtues of caffeine…. and there are even more where those came from!

Read the Bulletin article “Multiplying Dimensions” by Sergio Bertolucci for a full recap of the event. Then visit the TEDxCERN website for even more images, videos and content!

See other pictures of the event here.

by Katarina Anthony