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Next Indefinite Contract review exercise

Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to inform you that the 2013 LD2IC exercise (selection process for the conversion of limited-duration contracts to indefinite contracts) was officially launched last week.  >>


DRAFT Agenda for the meeting to be held on Wednesday 4 June 2013 at 9:15 a.m. in room 60-6-002.   >>

News Articles

One or many?  
A shower of good news  
LS1 Report: operations on the right track  
Interview with Cédric Villani  
Now playing in a browser near you: TEDxCERN  
ACCU: a committee that addresses Users' needs  
n_TOF: a new experimental area under way  
FameLab Switzerland: a CERN PhD student triumphs  
Don’t miss the Passport to the Big Bang event this Sunday!  
CERN Relay Race: sporty and colourful  
Highlights from e-EPS: Physics league… for kick-ass students  
The Lure of Wireless Encryption  
Ombuds’ corner: Virtue ethics and its applications  
News from the Library: Language learners, don't forget the Library!  

Training and Development

New course: “Lync – click to call and collaborate with others”  
Safety Training: places available in June 2013  
Summer French courses for BEGINNERS (15 July to 3 September 2013)  
Summer Oral Expression English course  
Technical training: places available  


SAFETY ALERT: Electrical insulation defect on safety helmets  
Cycling safety: a priority for CERN  
It’s all about safety signs!  
Between 3 June and 3 August, limit your electricity consumption  


Conférence d'Hubert Reeves | 18 juin | Uni Dufour  
Diversity in Action | Interactive Workshop | 4 July  
Student Concert | Learning Classical Music Club | 15 June  
Children's Concert | Learning Classical Music Club | 15 June  

Staff Association

Public Staff Meetings – thank you for a large attendance  
Orienteering Club  
CERN Women's Club  
Cricket Club