CERN Apps meet in a forum

In the fast-evolving world of mobile apps, creativity and usability are key words. For the time being, the number of CERN apps is quite limited but the situation could quickly change. An information-sharing forum set up by the IT Department is a starting point to channel your creativity with the help of experts, best practices and useful guidelines.


The CAPPS (CERN Apps) Forum was set up about a year ago. Its members come from various departments and meet every two or three months to update each other on the apps that are in preparation, share the latest news on the available software, discuss best practices and so on. “The Forum is open to anybody wanting to develop apps at CERN,” explains David Foster, Deputy Department Head and initiator of the CAPPS Forum. “Developers, communication experts and IT infrastructure experts meet and discuss various topics, from branding-related issues to coding and implementation solutions. The aim is to go forward in a coherent way.”

During its first year of operation, the Forum has established itself as a reference point for anybody actively involved in developing mobile apps at CERN. “We want to have concrete discussions, so the Forum is for people really active in this area, and everyone has to present their projects and issues,” says Foster.

On its Indico pages, people interested in developing apps will find useful material including information about the signing workflow, presentations about the use of specialised software, and new tools and platforms for developers. “This proved extremely useful in generating interest and effort to create the apps for the OpenDays 2013. We are now discussing if and how to take the CAPPS Forum a step further,” says David Foster. “The ideal evolution of the Forum would be a permanent structure where people wanting to develop apps at CERN could find resources and expertise. However, apps present some significant process and procedural problems given that they impact CERN’s image and are widely distributed.”

Although plans for the future have not been defined yet and all the various options are still under discussion, the Forum is keeping up the momentum. “We have identified what the problems are and what needs to be done in the field of CERN-branded mobile apps,” says Foster. “We will keep monitoring the interest of the CERN community in developing new apps. If you wish to develop an app and you are looking for information, the Forum is your best resource to start with.” In other words, do not hesitate to sign up for the CAPPS Forum by subscribing to the mailing list.

For any other information, send an e-mail to David Foster.

by Antonella Del Rosso