Commissaire Moulin visits CERN

The French actor and film-maker Yves Rénier was shown around the Laboratory on Friday 6 June by friends at CERN.


Yves Rénier at LEIR. (Photo: Ludwig Pregernig)

A keen diver and star of the long-running French television police drama Commissaire Moulin, Yves Rénier took advantage of a stopover in Geneva on his way to the Red Sea to meet up with his friends from the CERN Diving Club, who were only too pleased to take him on a tour of the Laboratory.

In the morning, Yves Rénier visited the CERN Control Centre (CCC), Linac2 and LEIR. After lunch at the brasserie in Restaurant No. 2, the actor continued his tour with the CERN Computer Centre, the SM18 superconducting magnet test facility, and lastly the ATLAS experiment.

“Thank you so much for showing me around and introducing me to a world I knew so little about,” confided Yves Rénier. “It’s fascinating to see so many scientists of different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds working together on a joint project on such a vast scale!”

by CERN Bulletin