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New LHCb Management readies for run 2 challenges  
A report from Council  
LS1 Report: PS beams are back!  
Profile of a science comic strip author  
The 44th success of the CERN Relay Race  
Commissaire Moulin visits CERN  
New arrivals  
Behind the scenes of GS: there’s only one way to go  
Computer Security: protect CERN - respect copyrights  
Ombud's Corner: unexpected turn in the conversation?  

Official News

Amendments to the rules of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) - Edition 1 January 2012  

Training and Development

Safety training: places available in June  


2014 CERN Accelerator Schools: Plasma Wake Acceleration  
Discover the new envelopes commemorating CERN’s 60th anniversary  
Last places available for the CERN Science Camp for kids  

Staff Association

Meeting on 19 June: Well done!  
Dancing Club  
Kayak Club  
Nouveau Partenaire  



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