The Making of the 2013 Open Days… out now!

As promised, a 45-minute DVD entitled “The Making of the 2013 Open Days” has finally arrived!


Relive your unforgettable memories and watch all the highlights of the Open Days: see the joy and fascination on the faces of the visitors, rock to the sounds of the Bosons and More concert, meet the organising team (the Core Team) and look out for yourself among all the volunteers!

Just like at the World Cup, this video captures the passion that unites the crowds and motivates the teams at huge events. People from all over CERN were involved in making this huge adventure happen and the video is an opportunity for us to thank you all once again for your participation, goodwill and good humour.

The DVD will be distributed to all Open Days 2013 volunteers by internal mail from Monday 7 July. Due to the large number of volunteers, distribution will take two to three weeks. Thank you in advance for your patience!

by Virginie Blondeau, on behalf of the Core Team