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CHARM (CERN High energy AcceleRator Mixed field) is a new and unique testing facility that will complete CERN's radiation testing installations. Located in the East Area, CHARM will provide teams with a venue to test their equipment in radiation environments similar to those found in the accelerator chain. >>

Celebrating science for peace

These last two weeks have underlined the significance of our 60th anniversary slogan: science for peace.  >>

LS1 Report: A cold, cold summer

The cooling of the LHC is advancing quickly, with the second sector having now reached 200 K (about -73°C). By the end of the summer, four of the sectors will have been cooled. To achieve this, trucks carrying around 20 tonnes of nitrogen each are clocking up the miles to bring the cryogenic liquid to CERN. When the whole process is complete, almost four times the mass of the Eiffel Tower will have been cooled, using more than 10,000 tonnes of nitrogen and 140 tonnes of helium. >>

SPS completes LS1 activities

On 27 June, the SPS closed its doors to the LS1 engineers, bringing to an end almost 17 months of activities. The machine now enters the hardware-testing phase in preparation for an October restart. >>

First Linac4 DTL & CCDTL cavities installed in tunnel

On 5 June, the first Drift Tube Linac (DTL) was successfully transported to its forever home in the Linac4 tunnel. Similarly, the first Cell-Coupled Drift Tube Linac (CCDTL) was installed on 6 June. These moves marked the end of years of design and manufacturing by Linac4 teams. >>

Highlights from e-EPS: Coordinated Access to Light sources

The CALIPSO project, which runs until May 2015, will contribute to the effective exploitation of European synchrotrons and free electron lasers. CALIPSO (Coordinated Access to Light sources to Promote Standards and Optimisation) includes 20 partners forming one of the largest Research Networks in the world. >>

Behind the scenes of GS: an eye for accuracy

The CERN sites are constantly evolving… with new buildings, extensions, redevelopment and renovation. The team in charge of geographical information in the GS Department measures and records even the smallest changes so that it can provide everyone at CERN with the most up-to-date plans possible. >>

Computer Security: Don’t copy/paste passwords!

What do umbrellas, hair, wars and passwords have in common? Over time, they all get lost. >>

Ombud's Corner: Respect @ CERN

Since 2010 CERN has been a member of the Geneva-based association "Le respect, ça change la vie". Four years later and in conjunction with CERN’s celebration of its 60 years of ‘science for peace’, it is time to launch a new respectful workplace awareness campaign under the auspices of the Ombud. >>

Yves Bernard (1954-2014)

Yves Bernard, who has passed away at the age of 59, worked in the transport and handling service (EN-HE) and had been at CERN since 1 July 1975. >>

Jazz with the cosmos | CERN at the Montreux Jazz Festival | 12 July

CERN will be participating in the Montreux Jazz Festival again this year with "The Physics of Music and the Music of Physics" at the Petit Palais on 12 July. The event, which is also part of CERN's 60th anniversary schedule, brings the music of the LHC, the Higgs boson, and the distant cosmos. >>

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Amendments to the rules of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) - Edition 1 January 2012  

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Jazz with the cosmos | CERN at the Montreux Jazz Festival | 12 July  
Diversity programme | Forum: Making a career in science | 15 July  
The sociology of big science | Public Lecture by Ulrike Felt | 15 July  
At the frontier of astrophysics and philosophy | Public conference by Hubert Reeves | 16 July  
Accelerating Innovation... in Medicine | Seminar by Eleanor Blakely | 10 July  
Blood donation | 22 and 23 July  
Collide@CERN: on 10 July, don't miss the public lecture by Ryoji Ikeda, CERN's new artist in residence  

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